January 31, 2005

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Smells like fish.

I went to New Orleans a couple of weekends ago. I have to say…everyone must go at least once in their lives. An absolute blast. Of course it’s much more fun when the whole trip is paid for and your staying at the Ritz like I did. The food was fabulous and I was in awe by the entertainment.

We were at a bar (Can you imagine?) one afternoon and this guy came up to us and did a portrait of me on the spot. It only took him 30 minutes. Hell… I didn’t mind because I was watching some skinny kid play a washboard with spoons. Pure entertainment. When this little old man finished my picture it actually put chills down my spine. It was dead on. I knew I was looking in the eyes of a man that was filled to the brim with talent but, the world will never know his work. It’s a shame., really.

I won’t bore you with all the details of the whole weekend. But, I will tell you a quick story from the last night I was there.

We got drunk.

We went to a strip bar.

Small boobies.

Some nipple sucking went on. Not by me ..jeesh

Fun rating the girls. Performance, Style & Appearance.

More small boobs.

Oh..wait big boobs walks on stage

I tip her (got appreciate them)

She sits me down…put dollar between my legs.

What the f….

Does hand/head stand.

Grabs dollar with her mouth.

What the….

Spreads her legs. I shit you not.

Face to crotch
My head .. rolling around on the floor because it snapped off from yanking it so far back.

I didn’t want to smell anything.

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January 28, 2005


Tell me....do you guys really think that when girls get excited that their nipples get hard?

I had an interesting conversation at a Networking meeting yesterday.

Salesguy: It's easy for you girls you just think about it and they get hard

Me: No they don't

Salesguy: Yeah huh

Me: It's strickly a temperature thing

Salesguy: Don't they get hard when you see someone you like?

Me: Do you get a boner?

Me: Don't answer that

Salesguy: No seriously - tell me the truth they get hard right?

Me: Dude, the only way my nipples are going to get hard is if you tweek them or you shove me in a freezer.

Salesguy: Do you know you just ruined my life?

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