February 24, 2005

Do You Remember?

6th grade. Do you remember it? Does that grade haunt you as much as it does me? Dear God what an awful awful stage in life. Stuck between wanting to play with the Barbieís sitting in the corner of your room just waiting for you to show them attention. And stuck wanting to be the grown up youíve been dreaming of being.

I remember the growing pains that ached in my bones at night. I recall my teeth still missing from when my baby teeth left my mouth. Trying to figure what to do with my scraggly hair. The overwhelming feeling of being awkward every moment of everyday. My long lanky legs that couldn't catch up with the rest of my body fast enough. Wanting so badly to shave them because they were so hairy, but being too young to do it. The self conscience feeling you have in every move you make. At that age your emotions are the only thing that controls you.

I look at my daughter and I notice things about her I never really noticed before. Her beautiful olive face thinning out and starting to take a womanly shape to it. She has those same lanky limbs that tease every 11 year old. Her hazel eyes are growing wiser as she gets older; theyíre not as innocent as my 7 year olds eyes are. Sheís seen things, heard things, done things that age does. Sheís getting older.

Iíve noticed that she wants to spend more time with me. When I get ready to go someplace she sits on the counter and watches me carefully apply my make up. She asks questions about moisturizer. Moisturizer ! She wants to know about eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara.

We have the same taste in music. There is nothing more fulfilling than sitting on the couch on a Sunday morning and watch VH1ís Top 20 Countdown and be happy when OUR favorite song is number one. We have a common ground. Even though it may not be often. We do have one.

I know itís hard for her. She has added responsibilities now being in Jr. High. She feels the need to be popular and she thinks sheís not. Being accepted is the single most important thing in a preteens life.

She is a lunatic when it comes to her hormones. She cries often. Almost on a daily basis. To me I know that itís just that hormones. But to her itís the end of the world.

My baby is making her confirmation this weekend and I am so very proud of her. Iím proud that she is kind, loving, gentle and sweet. But most of all Iím proud of how gracefully she is growing up. 6th grade is tough but sheís doing well. Better than I ever did. Eleven years old. What a tough age.

So to you my little one. You're doing a fine job. Hang in there, sweetie.

And if you have a child this age - you know what I mean. Give them a hug because they need it.

P.S. Lush Bath bombs are the bomb!

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February 23, 2005

I'm the bomb

All this talk about Lush bath bombs from Helen had me wondering if they were as good as she talks about. They can't be that good can they? I went on the internet the other day and ordered this, this , this and finally this. I was so excited when I drove up my drive way to see a box sitting in front my front porch. A lovely box with Lush stickers all over it. I felt like a kid at Christmas. They smell unbelievable.

I have my whole night planned out. After I put the kids to bed I'm going to pour myself a nice glass of red wine. Strip down and sit in a hot fizzy bath. Just to see what all the hype is about. The only question is which one am I going to use first?

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February 22, 2005

This is for my blog daddy - who challenged us to make our own bumper stickers for points. Did I win?


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February 11, 2005

Ming Sing Dingaling

That's what we used to call my cat.

My main man is having a contest on the best drag queen name. You know, it's the fun game of putting your first pets name with the street you lived on together and it's supposed to give you your drag queen name. So go over here and vote for me.....Ming.

What are you waiting for? I said go! Now!

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February 03, 2005

Give it your best shot.

Saw this a Jims who saw it at De's place.

A. First, recommend to me:

1. A movie:
2. A book:
3. A musical artist, song, or album:

B. I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

C. Then, I want you to go to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything they want!

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