August 30, 2004

Any one need a fire woman???

Here's a picture of me and my husband. Fun was had by all when we went to the islands this weekend. Lots of alcohol was consumed. Wow. This picture was at the end of the night.

God I really need time to recover!

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August 12, 2004

What Is the world coming to?

I just want to take a moment of silence for my credit card.

Ok I'm better. I went out today at lunch time to get school supplies for my kids. My daughter had a two page list of supplies. My son only about 10 items. Which is more like it. That's what I remember getting when I was in school. The basics...notebooks, pens, pencils, glue and so on.

Bree's list consisted of correction tape, 9 one subject note books that had to be coordinated with a pocket folder by color. Does any one know where the fuck I can find an orange one subject notebook? Come on...

It just a sad thing anymore. Why does a 6th grader need to have crayons? A 64 count no less.

Here's her list. Am I the only one that thinks that this is insane? Soon we'll have to buy a desk for them as well.

7 1 subject notebook (mmmkay that's fine)
2 yellow 3 subject notebook (check)
9 pocket folders (9??)
2 pk wide ruled loose leaf paper (check)
1 pen/pencil case (Ok)
1 plastic supply case (isn't that the same as above?!?)
5 blue or black pens (check)
2 red pens
5 #2 pencils
3 highlighters (my first thought was 3 yellow? Or Multi colored? Better get the mulit colored - But again 3?
1 box washable markers 8 count (OK)
1 box washable markers fine tip (Why 2 kinds? Can't they use the first kind? They have a tip to them)
1 box colored pencils 24 count
1 box 48 or 64 count crayons (are they going to have a coloring contest?)
1 set of watercolors
1 eraser
1 pair of scissors (I'm sorry but she has about 7 pair from every year of school)
1 correction tape – not correction fluid (Worried about them sniffin the stuff?)
1 bottle of white glue
1 roll of transparent tape
1 pkg of 3 x 5 index cards multi colored (Your just killing me right now!)
1 pkg of 4 x 6 index cards
1 compass (for 6th grade?- I am truly frightened right now)
1 protractor (to be honest I didn't even know what the hell this was)
1 ruler (again she has about ten of these damn things)
1 scientific Calculator (uh oh - I'm in deep shit when it comes to homework)
1 plastic crate (because they don't have lockers yet - So kids get free reign on other kids stuff)
2 rolls of paper towels (I'm used to this - But it's new to our generation)
2 packs of tissue paper
1 container of baby wipes
1 disposable camera ( I have no clue what this is for)
1 hand sanitizer (no pump)
1 terracotta pot 6” (all I have to say is what the fuck?)
1 container of Clorox wipes

** one pocket folder needs to be coordinated with one subject notebook in the following colors:


The remaining four pocket folders can be of the child’s choice of design.

2 of the pocket folders will be for tests

You must label everything with first and last name.

This isn't including the uniforms, backpacks & lunch boxes that I have to buy.

Okay I'm done crying the blues.

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Big Hair Any Day...

My cousin came and went this past week. It's just so nice to have someone from my family come in for a visit. As I've said before it doesn't happen often but when it does I get more excited the Bo Bo the freakin' clown.

We really didn't to a whole bunch. We sat around the first night drinking and just bullshitting. The second night he made us a Tri tip roast steak (I'm not exactly sure what it was). He wanted to treat us since he was staying at our house. He made a cheese a fruit plate as well. My husband who pretty much is either a meat and potatoes or just give him a plate of **sauce and he'll be happy kinda guy, looked at my cousin like he just smoked a huge doob. Brie cheese? Grapes? French Bread? What the hell? It was good though.

The final night we went to this place called the Scene Pavilion right on the Cuyahoga River. RAT and Vince Neil was singing there. No, not together. But wouldn't that be cool? Our household (more my husband than I) love Motley Crue. In fact our cat's name is Motley, so, my husband felt that he had died and gone to heaven. It was a good time. But, do you remember in Our day the rockers/fans used to have big hair, skin tight pants, boots, scarves, make up? It's not like that anymore - I know obviously - Now it's all about the piercings and tattoos. The more piercing you have the cooler you are? I don't get this. I'm not a prude or anything. I mean I have a tattoo. I have three piercings in my ear. My belly buttons pierced. Isn't that enough? What girl in their right mind thinks that a huge nose piercing is gorgeous. I'm not talkin about the nostril kind - I'm talkin about that damn bar bell that goes through the bottom part. For that matter do they honestly think that a lip piercings sexy? If you have one and your partner has one. What happens when you kiss? What if all your hardware gets interlocked? may think you look cool now. But, do these people realize the older they get the more retarded you look? Grow the fuck up. Your not 15 years old people. You’re an adult.

I just don't get it. Some one please try and explain this to me.


P.S. I'll have pictures soon.

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August 05, 2004

My family

This is my family in California.

View image

One is here visiting me now!

My cousin Kevin arrived last night. He's here for working purposes - he's staying at my house - so I have him all to myself in the evening. I'm sooo excited. It's a big deal because I've been living here in Cleveland for 16 years and have had only my mother, my father and my kid sister here for a visit. Not one of those people up above have come to see me.

I hope when he goes home he'll give a good report. Then maybe more will come out here.....

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